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Permanent Makeup: Holiday Beauty Trends In Vogue Right Now


Permanent Makeup: Holiday Beauty Trends In Vogue Right Now


It’s officially the holiday season, meaning it’s the perfect time to get all dolled up and enjoy yourself.

If you have, like the rest of us, a pretty packed schedule for the rest of the year full of parties and catching up with friends, then you’re going to want to look on point.

Just as you would your outfit, hair, and makeup, you want to treat your eyebrows with the TLC that they deserve to ensure they’re just as stunning as the rest of you.

If you’ve thought about switching things up a little this holiday season and are in need for some inspiration, then look no further. We’ve run through the hottest permanent makeup beauty trends right now to hopefully inspire you for your big show-stopping looks this season.

Semi-Permanent Brows

Also known as microblading, semi-permanent brow regimes are super popular at the moment and everyone from Naomi Campbell to Bella Thorne are leading the style right now, which helps to enhance the look of the eyebrow.

In fact, viewers of the The Real Housewives of Orange County recently ambushed newcomer Gina Kirschenheiter with questions on her stunning eyebrow technique before she revealed that it was all down to having semi-permanent procedures.

Not only is microblading the ‘in’ beauty style right now, but results can last for as long as 18 months giving you plenty of occasions to make it worthwhile. It helps that it looks super realistic, and adds definition to your eyebrows.

Read our FAQ’s on eyebrow embroidery here.

Lash Line Enhancement

Used at the root of your eyebrow, a lash line enhancement will help give the illusion of a fuller lash line – perfect for anyone wanting bolder and darker lashes.

Long kept secret by celebrities and those “in the knowâ€, the procedure is really taking off as a hot beauty trend of the year. Better yet, the color pigments can be matched to your natural color so you can keep the secret behind your stunning lashes eyes all to yourself if you wish. No one will ever know.

Results can last up to 18 months in some cases, meaning you’ll never have to worry about smudged eyebrows. If you want perfectly symmetrical lashes, then this is the one for you.

Powder Brows

Aimed at realistically recreating a touched-up brow, the powder brow technique helps the tails of the eyebrow look darker and more subtle and defined look.

Lasting up to four years, the procedure behind ombre powder brows involves applying thousands of dots of pigment to the surface of the skin. These tiny dots will gradually build up a base of color, giving you that truly defined look – as if already applied with powder makeup yet without the hassle!

Lip Blushing

It’s not just the eyes that are benefitting from the latest in permanent makeup trends, either.

Lip blushing is a relatively new technique that involves using pigment to deepen the color of your lips in order to boost the natural shape and create a fuller look.

Suitable for all skin tones and lasting for up to two years, lip blushing gives a boost of vitality to your lips and you can choose from nude to dramatic colors. We can help pick a shade that works for you, while keeping to your natural color.

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