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Covid-19 Policy

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Covid-19 Policy

While we cannot eliminate all possible risks inherent with public space and contact during services, our goal is to minimize the possible risks, provide for social distancing (besides when receiving services), and adhere to recommended guidelines. The rules below are in place for the safety of both our clients and our staff.

If anyone is uncomfortable coming in during this crisis, we understand and ask that you let us know in advance.

While the studio and its staff will follow safety guidelines and regulations, and make a best-faith effort to minimize risks at the studio, any client receiving services at the studio does so with the understanding there are inherent risks involved with Coronavirus and other contagious diseases in an indoor, public space.

Beyond adhering to regular and standard common-sense hygiene practices, we are also implementing the following practices:

Requirements for Clients:

  • Staff members and other clients may have compromised immune systems, so it is very important to do our best to provide a healthy environment.
  • Please do not come to Brows & Co. if:  You are ill, coughing, sneezing, and/or potentially contagious and have been advised to quarantine or self-isolate due to possible exposure.

We ask that you contact us if:

  • After you have been to Brows & Co., you receive a positive coronavirus test and may have unknowingly carried the virus into the studio.
  • You are sick, self-quarantining, and/or potentially contagious.
  • Please note that cancellation penalties will not apply under such circumstances as long as we are contacted in a reasonable manner.

Please note that before/upon entrance to the studio:

  • Face masks are required to be worn while in the salon
  • Immediate hand washing will be required.
  • Consent forms must be filled out electronically when booking appointment 


Requirements for Staff:

  • Wear a mask at all times while in the salon.
  • Keep social distance whenever possible from other clients and staff.
  • Wipe down chairs between each client and regularly disinfect high traffic areas.
  • Thoroughly wash hands between each client. Only touch clients for necessary service purposes, with new gloves.
  • All tools are sanitized the night before and prior to the the procedure: tweezers and brow scissors. Permanent Makeup tools are disposable one time use.

We will continue to monitor the latest advisories from the CDC on viruses and take additional measures, as needed. Everyone’s health and safety come first.

Thank you,

Brows & Co. Studio & Academy

Business Phone: 443-755-9555

Business Text Only: 301-968-6196

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