How To Grow Your Microblading Business


How To Grow Your Microblading Business

Over the past couple of years, microblading has hit an all-time high in popularity. You’ve done the hard work, now how do you get clients? If you read the article, 5 Foolproof Ways to Start Your Own Microblading Business, you are already on the right path to growing and scaling your service-based business.

It’s not as easy as one might think. Growing your microblading business takes hard work and dedication. We get it, you just graduated from our online Microblading Academy and now you are antsy to find your first few clients. You’re excited but also nervous because now you are the one responsible for generating your own income. By the end of this article, you are going to learn how to get clients to come running to your shop!

Create a Powerhouse of a Marketing Strategy

Trust: firm belief in the reliability, truth, ability, or strength of someone or something. First things first, you need to position yourself as an expert in the industry and get those potential clients to trust you. A great way to do this is to create a powerful marketing strategy.

The #1 way for a new client to find a service provider is online (and word of mouth but we will get to that later on). Let’s start with Instagram, creating an eye-catching profile is key. Make sure to state your location in your bio along with a link to your website and a clean profile photo.

Practice your craft on family members and don’t forget to take photos of their before and after. Utilize that for your social proof on Instagram. Don’t have before and after photos yet? Educate! Use stock photos from Pexels and educate your potential client on the microblading process and what to expect.

There are 4 different content pillars to optimize your Instagram. It’s a good rule of thumb to make sure each piece of content you share has something of value to provide. Here are a few examples for your marketing strategy:

  • Content that educates: Like stated above, it’s important to educate your potential clients because it’s likely they have no clue how the process works and what the benefits of your service are.
  • Content that entertains: Short-form videos are all the rage this year! Create videos to entertain, they can be silly, educational, or inspiring.
  • Content that inspires: How did you get where you are today? Do you have a good story to tell? Viewers love content that inspires them!
  • Promotion: This is where the before and after photos come into play. Promote your business like you’ve never promoted before!

User-Friendly Website With Self-Booking

Creating an appealing and seamless website is super important as a service provider. According to a study done by Microsoft, the average attention span of a human is eight seconds. Especially on social media, people want information instantly and they are going to lose interest if something takes too long.

Making your website user-friendly and easy to access will book you more clients in the long run. We recommend having a tool on your website where customers can easily book their appointment. This not only allows them to gain that instant gratification but also makes the process easier for you.

Instant gratification is becoming more and more prominent and consumers expect things fast. Everyone is busy and attention spans are declining every single year. Make it as easy as possible for your potential customers.

Ask Your Friends & Family to Leave Reviews

Reviews are a great way to show social proof. Asking family and friends to leave a testimonial on either Google or Yelp is a great way to get your business off the ground. This ends up building trust with potential clients and gets them excited to learn more about your services.

Most of the time your family and friends want to see you succeed and anything they can help you with, they will. You never know until you ask!

Give a Referral Discount 

There’s no better marketing than good old-fashioned word of mouth. You’d be surprised about how many people talk about things like this whether they are out with the girls or talking with a family member. This is exactly why you need to give each client the best service possible (Yes, that means family members too)!

Word of mouth is the best promotion because you are going to be targeting locally. For example, if you just performed your service on a client and they are out at the grocery store and someone compliments their brows, it should be easy for that client to send them to your website or Instagram page. Giving an incentive to those clients who have paid for your service is a great way to network and reach more prospects. It can be something as simple as giving 10% off their next service with you.

On the flip side, you can also run a social media incentive where a client can tag you after the service on their Instagram page for a special discount on the next service they get. This is a great way to get repeat customers down the line.

Host an Open House

You got licensed, took the courses, did all the prep work, and now it’s time to officially be in business. Make sure to celebrate, you deserve it! Get people excited about the opening of your business by hosting an open house. These are super popular and can get local customers in the door.

Make fliers and promote the event on your social channels. Provide light appetizers and drinks and invite everyone around town. People love attending events, especially for the grand opening of a new local business! Don’t forget to print a few business cards and little gifts for the attendees. This is also the perfect time to offer a small discount if they book a service during your open house. Have fun with it and enjoy this new adventure in your life! You got this.