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12 Weeks to Becoming a Booked out Microblading Artist in your City


12 Weeks to Becoming a Booked out Microblading Artist in your City

Eyebrow microblading has become a hot trend in the beauty industry. After all, who doesn’t like full, thick, and luscious eyebrows? From our favorite social media influencers to our close friends, everyone is getting their eyebrows microbladed to cut downtime on their beauty routines and to elevate the beauty of their brows. Needless to say, microblading has turned into an amazing business opportunity for many!

Flexible work hours that allow us to have a stress-free and happy life are everyone’s dream! If you have always envisioned yourself as a financially independent and creative person who owns their own studio and runs a successful business, this is the chance for you to turn that dream into a reality.

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Guess what? We have a complete 12-week course on microblading that will teach you everything you need to know about the business. From the intricate skills and techniques required to draw a flawless microbladed brow to creating an online presence for growing your business, you will learn it all! After all, the goal is to establish yourself as a successful microblading artist in this competitive cosmetic industry and we’ve got you covered.

Benefits Of Taking the Microblading Academy 12-Week Course:

Our online program is specially designed and curated for you to become a professional microblading artist in a short span of just 12 weeks. The features of this course include the following:

  • Modules and weekly sessions for 12 weeks, so that you can take in all the knowledge, techniques, and skills required to build your business in microblading.
  • Easy to understand videos for you to clearly visualize the procedures and techniques for each and every step.
  •  We provide you with all the resources you would need, such as, a microblading kit, practice books, manuals, etc., which you will need to become a full-fledged microblading artist.
  •  Free access to online course materials and videos for six months so that you can go back and brush up your skills anytime you feel unsure or just need a refresher.
  • Lastly, a microblading certification is provided to everyone who completes the full course successfully.

The Goal: Be Your Own Boss & Become a Booked Out Artist

What does the Microblading Academy 12-week course look like?

Week 1

Building a strong base is a significant step to learning a new skill. This applies to microblading as well. In week 1, we will delve deep into the basics of microblading.

What you will learn:

-Introduction to microblading

-Anatomy of the Skin

-Color Theory

-Fitzpatrick Scale

-How to provide consultation to clients

-Consent Forms

-Blood-borne pathogens and causes of biohazards

Week 2

To translate your creativity onto your client’s brows, there needs to be a symmetrical map to guide you for your work. In week 2, you will learn how to design and map the perfect brow shape on your client that would best suit their facial features and bone structure.

What you will learn:

-Anatomy of brows

-Techniques to measure brows and make them symmetrical

-Different brow shapes

-Practice on mannequins

-Workbook practice

Week 3

Every brow is unique with its distinctive shape and hair patterns. This is why you need to have deep knowledge about the universal brow pattern that you can apply on all brows effortlessly. In week 3, our main focus will be mastering hair strokes that will leave your client content and pleased.

You’ll get a step-by-step workbook guide to polish your skills and learn how to perfect your hair strokes on paper.

Week 4

What you will learn:

-Level 1 head strokes practice on latex skin.

-Level 2 head strokes and transition strokes practice on latex skin.

Week 5

What you will learn:

-Level 3 lower hair strokes practice on latex skin.

-Level 4 upper hair strokes practice on latex skin.

Week 6

What you will learn:

-Level 5 spine strokes practice on latex skin.

-Level 6 tail strokes practice on latex skin.

Week 7

What you will learn:

-All 6 levels of full brow design practice on latex skin.

Week 8

Providing a comfortable and seamless service to your client is important. It establishes your reputation as a microblading artist and helps build a trusted client base. In week 8, you will learn how to properly set up every microblading procedure and follow the OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) guidelines to provide the ultimate sanitization procedures for your clients.

-Different kinds of microblading tools.

-Different kinds of microblading supplies.

-How to set up a Microblading Tray.

-How to properly use a PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) kit in accordance with OSHA standards.

Week 9

In week 9, you will receive your final certification after successfully passing the practical test.

What we will cover:

-Video Training on mapping and design of eyebrows.

-Video Training on microblading procedures.

-Live practical test on Microblading procedures.

Week 10

Setting up your microblading business is the last step when it comes to giving a platform to your microblading skills. Creating an online presence for your business is a smart way to increase visibility and reach a wide clientele for your microblading services. In week 10, we will also help you determine your service rates and pricing.

What you will learn:

-Online digital marketing strategies for expanding your business.

-Website set up.


Week 11 and Week 12

Starting a business is not enough if you do not have strategies to optimize it. In week 11 and week 12, we will discuss the plan of action to establish your business as a professional microblading artist.

What you will learn:

-Tips on how to find the perfect location for your microblading studio.

-Deciding on a launching date for your business.

Closing Thoughts

Running your own microblading business will give you flexible work hours, creative freedom, spare time for yourself and your family, and financial security. You now have the opportunity to break loose from the tedious work hours and mediocre pay of your 9 to 5 job. If you are a beginner in the world of microblading, our comprehensive 12 weeks will take you from zero to a professional microblading artist. What are you waiting for? Sign up now.

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